This type of style is characterized by its refined lines, minimalist silhouettes, and natural shapes. Its history came from the mid-1900s when the style was defined with creative ways of using new materials like molded plastic, plywood, and aluminum in industrial design. 

Furniture pieces of this style have become quite popular over the past couple of years, because of its simplistic yet modern silhouettes with versatile use. The methods of constructions combine traditional and non-traditional materials that include wood, metal, glass, vinyl, and plywood. In regards to color, this style is known for keeping it simple by just incorporating the use of neutrals with the graphic use of black and white. As the open-plan method of construction boomed, which creates big spaces sometimes tricky to furnish, families have leaned towards the multi-purpose benefit of the mid-century modern type of furniture. Its simplicity helps give the area a familiar vibe that integrates the likes of all men and women of the family, yet bringing a unique style to the traditional household. 

To welcome this style into your home, make sure to keep clean lines, incorporate graphic wallpaper or art that unites and complements the colors, these being neutrals mixed with black and white. Incorporate flowers, floor pillows, rocks, and candles to welcome nature and help energies flow. With the furniture mix up the heights, by having high shelves, low sofa and covetable and long hanging window curtains. 

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