Given the circumstances we are in now, it is important to stay calm and safe at home, do our best at social distancing. I would like to suggest some activities you and you loved ones can do from home.

1 Feed your mind with books. Go to this link to find free online books FreeOnlineBooks 

2 Find activities for your kids that motivate their learning using technology. LearnDrawing

Learning at Home with Technology

3 Entertain your dog with tricks to learn, you can find some many on youtube or also explore these activities. PetsIndoor

4 If you do have COVID-19 Symptoms contact

5 Support artists and musicians by watching their digital concerts. The Berliner Philharmoniker’s Digital Concert Hall

6 Help your elderly neighbors by going to get their groceries from them or helping at home with ay activities they cannot do by themselves. Help the Elderly during COVID-19

7 If you are tired of cooking at home, these are the restaurants providing free delivery. FreeDelivery COVID-19

8 Avoid crowds of more than 10 people and stay at least 6feet away from strangers but you can still go for a walk, run or bike ride in your area

9 Keep a routine, wake up at the same time you do during weekdays, have a shower, healthy breakfast and coffee or tea and create a space at home that you can dedicate to work.  PsychologyToday