Maryland: Colonial-Style

Dates back to the 1960’s during the colonial period of the United States. It is mostly prominent in old homes, churches and government buildings. These homes usually have two to three stories with shared living spaces (living room, dining room, family room and kitchen) most commonly located in the main floor. Other signature features include a large central fireplace, large basement and full symmetry in its exterior. Usually the front door will most likely be very central and all windows will be in pairs.

Virginia: Historic Townhouses

Virginia is filled with America’s history, eight past presidents were born in northern Virginia and many of their homes are open to the public. In the area of Alexandria most of the homes were constructed following Virginia’s historic architecture, which was inspired by the Colonial Period during the 19th and 20th centuries. These townhomes are rather simple with 2+ stories and unlike you search for newer constructions you will find it hard for historic style row homes to include a garage.

Washington DC: Federal-style

These styles of homes are pretty common in easter cities of America, most often characterized for being a simple square or rectangular box with two or three stories high and two rooms deep. Many have been modified with the past of the years to now include a garage, deck and front porch. However, it is important to mention that as the housing need continues to increase, more and more constructions are being made for apartment building, with many including luxurious amenities but in some more affordable areas it is hard to find washer and dryer in unit.

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