Selling your home is no easy process, for many it might take them years to finally come to the conclusion to sell their home. I understand this can also be an emotional process, it is normal for people to get attached to their home, after all it represents a time and stage in their life. Unlike buyers who are filled with excitement and stick to a budget to find the perfect home, for sellers the purpose is to maximize the profit potential. A Real Estate Agent can help you with that, we are here to study the market, analyze what your home has to offer, consider your expectations, negotiate and deliver the most profitable outcome. 

I would like to list some tips to consider when wanting to sell your property:

  1. Interview Real Estate Agents. Be sure to check reviews online and discuss your interest in selling your home with your friends and family, they might suggest an agent they personally know or have worked with before.
  2. Ask about your agent’s Standard Commission. Be sure to do your due diligence when hiring an agent to study their potential, and do not expect for a full-service agent to discount. I understand you want the most money from the sale, but the best part of the process is being able to do it in a timely manner with someone you trust by your side, if you hire the right person consider their commission an investment in your internal peace.  
  3. Trust your agent’s knowledge. Now that you have hired the right person, you have to put your trust on their knowledge and expertise. Be sure to discuss the market price of your property and the best time to list, a good real estate agent will study the market, consider your needs and provide the best suggestions. 
  4. Consider some home repairs. Prior to listing your property it is important to perform cosmetic renovations and all malfunctioning features should be repaired. 
  5. Stage your home. Staging helps to boost your home’s potential. It will wow buyers and other agents upon entry and ensure there are many visits and tours of your property which, in consequence, elevates your chances at selling the property faster and with offers competition.
  6. Be flexible with Showings. The more your property is shown, the higher the chances of it selling fast. The first weekend it hits the market is when properties are most shown, consider traveling to ensure it is available for private and public visits.  

The bottom line with home selling:

Perhaps you are considering selling your property because you need more space, to downsize or maybe relocate. No matter the motive, it is important to be prepared and plan ahead. This is an important financial decision, separate your emotions, remain patient, but most importantly, be sure to hire a real estate agent you trust personally and professionally. These tips will help you prepare, control stress and set yourself apart from the competition in the market to accomplish your profitable goal.