This style is characterized for its “unfinished” look. Many might consider it a manly style however, its practicality and clean look is sought after by many millennials, and more recently, loft style apartments are becoming popular, specifically because of its industrial style. You will see lots of exposed pipes, air conditioning ducts and lighting cables. Also, its interior design mixes different types of metals, dark colors and woods, yet its decorative technique is rather simple and clean. Bathrooms often include accent vintage pieces and accessories, such used looking faucet knobs and stainless steel sinks. Kitchens featured exposed shelves, custom stainless steel cabinetry and of course exposed ducts; creating a real of a commercial kitchen.

If you live in a traditional style home but love the features of an industrial design, do not fear and follow some of these tips:

  • Embrace the exposed brick in your home. There are also fantastic wallpaper designs that look realistic enough to give your home a more rustic look. However, if you are up to incorporating brick veneer, play with it in your kitchen as a backsplash, surrounding the fireplace or as an accent wall next to the entrance. 
  • Incorporate industrial pendant fixtures and play with a mixture of metals. Search for big pendants and add it to a dining area, a kitchen island or hallway. 
  • Use decorative pieces with a concrete look, such as concrete planters, or table bases. 
  • Purchase quality furniture pieces of steel material with clean lines.
  • Repurpose furniture. Go to your local flea market and purchase pieces with potencial that have a rustic, weathered look. These could be of steel, leather or dark door materials. 

Below you can see some pictures for inspiration, and I also invite you to my Pinterest to check out my “Industrial” Mood Board.