When you first buy your home I am showing that you consider doing some renovations that adjust to your taste and lifestyle. However, it is also important to consider how these can impact the value of your home because if you were to consider selling in the near future you would want for the property to be sold at a higher value and sometimes this can be achieved with good renovations.

Good improvements to consider

  1. A fresh coat of paint 
  2. Remodeling the Kitchen
  3. Updating all Bathrooms
  4. Add a full bathroom
  5. If there is a den, turn into a legal room.
  6. Finish the basement.
  7. Create Exit/Entrance from the basement
  8. Parking space
  9. Energy efficiency features
  10. Updating windows
  11. Deck Addition
  12. Open-up the floor plan
  13. Replacing the garage door
  14. Swap out light fixtures
  15. Hardwood Floors.

Improvements to AVOID

  1. Swimming Pools. Involve high construction costs and maintenance costs.
  2. High-End Accessories 
  3. Luxury bathrooms
  4. Expensive landscaping
  5. Personalized renovations (E.g. Home Office or Studio, gym floor)
  6. Built-in electronics
  7. Eliminating rooms
  8. Texturing ceiling or walls
  9. Painting trim other than white
  10. Unusual tiling