In April we accomplished a long-awaited sale. I had the chance to work alongside a fantastic client who I can now also call a friend. We had been looking for her perfect home for over 6 months. Previously, we had proceeded with a transaction but because the apartment was newly built, the constructors could not comply on time and we had to make the tough decision of backing out. However, not too long after, we found an even better unit. Also a new construction, but the process was pretty much done. We won the offer and proceeded with the transaction, always with our fingers crossed for all contingencies to be satisfied to the benefit of the client. One of the contingencies was a home inspection and because this is a new construction, the seller must, by law, respond to all repairs suggested by the inspector. After that, we had to wait for the response of the HPAP loan (Home Purchase Assistance Program), which was a part of the financial contingency. This program offers interest free loans and closing cost assistance to purchase any type of residential property. To be considered for it, you must be a resident of DC and have an income below 80 percent of the area’s median income. 

This process occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were nervous the transaction would have to be moved back, but thankfully, we were not forced to do so, and when settlement day came I was so happy to have worked with and found the perfect home for such a great person.

Being a Real Estate Agent is no easy job but it is so gratifying when you get to see the big smile on your client’s face and to be a part of such an important achievement in their lives.