As you may know the scandinavian countries consist of: Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Yes, this style of design originated in these countries, as a result of the architecture and simplistic style of design and decoration that characterizes homes in this region. It first became popular in the 1950s, simultaneously as the modern style took over the most populated regions in Europe and North America. The style is rather simple and for those looking for a clean organized look, as you will not find rooms with overuse of decorations, colors and textures. 

The scandinavian style favors small homes, as it helps open the space and create an airy flow. The colors used are mostly whites and light wood, with accent colors incorporated with hanging art, light fixtures or furry throw-blankets. The goal of this style is to create a warm and inviting feel in your home, as these countries are mostly cold throughout the year, the use of faux fur accents and chunky knit blankets is a must in the scandi design. 

If you want to incorporate this style into your home, the first step is to declutter, the entire aesthetic is supposed to be clean and organized, therefore you must make sure everything has a place and purpose. Focus your color palette on neutrals but do not be afraid to also incorporate some pastels if colors make you feel better. For the furniture, again, keep it simple! Combine textures, such as leather and wood with the occasional accent color of metals, just ensure the design has clean lines. Lastly, for decorations, embrace a more minimalist design, could suggest using black and white photography as art and bring life to the place with plants and flowy curtains. 

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