Do not be scared, this style is not synonymous to blue everything with seashells and anchors everywhere as decoration. It is also not the same as Mediterranean or tropical style. A coastal home invites and combines natural light, soft tones, and a clean aesthetic with the purpose of evoking the breezy and relaxing feel of the beach. This style is very characteristic of the homes in the Hamptons, where you can find mansion-like properties marked by long stretches of beach.This style is for those wanting to transform their home into their vacation retreat, where relaxation and peace evokes happy feelings. 

Remember that the color white is key, you can incorporate it in your walls, your bed sheets, countertops and window curtains. Invite color through decorative accents that include neutrals, blues, greys and light wood. With the design just keep it natural, casual, comfortable and easy. If you are thinking of remodeling, consider opening the space with open concept living spaces. You want to create the feeling that there are no boundaries between the indoors and outdoors. Embrace the beauty of windows and welcome the natural light everyday into your home and for decor, do not clutter anything with furniture or decor, but rather, create the feeling that everything just flows. 

The key is to stay away from anything too cliche!