Georgetown is often sought after by history lovers and entertainment enthusiasts. This historic neighborhood was founded in 1751 along the Potomac River, it is located in northwest DC and still features many 18th-19th century homes. More recently, it has become a local component of Washington’s History. In this charming area, you can find high-end shopping, sports activities, dining steps away, beautiful cobblestone sidewalks in the residential streets, and highly traveled commercial districts. 

The real estate market in this area is very active, ranking as one of DC’s priciest areas. It has an estimated home value index of $1,391,000, up by 2.6% over the past year according to Zillow. Surprisingly, cash sales are predominant in this area with a proportion of 25% HomeVisit reports, as many investors intent to benefit from the high median rent price of almost $4,000, which is higher than Washington’s median rent price of $2,700. Townhomes are the most predominant type of properties in the area, followed by apartments and lastly detached homes. 

Even with the high prices, there is high demand in the area by many colleague graduates and first-time homebuyers looking to enjoy and balance the hectic life in the city with the enjoyment of entertainment just steps away. The waterfront offers a multiple range of entertainment, such as live music, high-end restaurants, Coffee shops, and even sports activities such as kayaking and standup paddleboard. For fashion lovers, this is the place to be for some retail therapy, offering a variety of premium, affordable and local boutiques. For the youngest ones at home, summer is the best time to visit Georgetown, where your little guys can have a splash in the water fountain, watch the boats and feed the ducks.

Georgetown is the place to live for those wanting to find a home that will help them give their life some spice because of the possibility of having plenty of activities to do within walking distance every day, having the closeness to central locations and embracing the diversity of its residents.