The clients for this transaction, a lovely colonial home located in the beautiful neighborhood of Hawthorne, are good friends of mine. I have had the pleasure of knowing them for over five years and shared wonderful experiences. Therefore, working together was a breeze. I am very thankful they put their trust in me for such a significant investment decision. Moreover, the house is an architectural gem, with one of the largest lots in the region.

The property was listed on July 3rd for both sale and rental. Because my clients were moving out of the country with the possibility of moving back, they were not sure about what decision to make: either to sell the property and get cashback or to lease it and count it as an investment.

The Open House was scheduled for July 4th. Because of the holiday that weekend, we did not receive many visitors. However, just two days after being in the market, I have presented an offer from a beautiful family who instantly fell in love with the property. That weekend, my clients were on vacation, enjoying some family time before their big move back to their home country, Colombia. They decided to include a deadline for offers for Friday, July 10th, exactly seven days from when the property was listed. 

During that week, I received five rental applications and sale offers. One of the offers included a six month pre-paid lease for 7,000 per month, all paid upfront, with the option to purchase the home at the end of the contract for $1,725,000; $125,000 over the listed price. Needless to say, the offer was extremely appealing. However, it included some contingencies. Also, the total time for the transaction was nine months. Such a long period made my clients feel very uncertain regarding everything that could go wrong during that time.

Finally, my clients decided to go with the first offer. It included a selling price of $1,680,000. -$80,000 over the asking price-, without contingencies, and ready to close in just two weeks. This timing would provide my clients with the perfect timing to move out of the country as fast as they needed, with the help of the moving logistics from my incredible team. 

Besides receiving such excellent offers, this transaction was indeed extremely gratifying. I was able to work and help close friends to sell their house with ease and for maximum value. Furthermore, it was pleasant working with all the parties of the transaction, including the buyer’s agent and settlement company. 

This sale represented an important milestone in my career, as it was my 100th transaction and the highest sale thus far. I am thankful for the job I have chosen and super-motivated to continue the hard work.

I wish my clients the best time going back to their home country, and I will be here to assist them once more if they do decide to come back.

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