For many years, homeowners walk way from the idea of installing solar panels as the main source of energy for their house because of the wide spread criticizing for being expensive and inefficient. However, as the years pass by, and the technology continues to improve,  demand for this service increases; to the point where we now have a variety of brands with increasingly competitive prices.

Solar energy is a truly renewable energy source, meaning, this is available everyday, for an unlimited amount and technically for forever; or for at least the next 5 billion years, when according to scientists, the sun will cease to exist.  This type of energy can be used for multiple purposes, but mainly for generating electricity or heat. Most commonly, solar energy is used in places without access to energy grids, and more recently, it has become popular among homeowners, looking to lower electricity bills and become more eco-friendly.

The process of installing solar panels is rather costly, as it includes paying for solar panels, inverter, batteries, wiring, and labor. reports that the national average costs for installing a residential solar power systems is $11,248 after claiming the 26% solar tax credit. This type of investment tax credit, allows you to deduct 26% of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes.

The solar energy collected by the panels can either be used right away, or stored in large batteries. These batteries collect the energy obtained during the day to then be used at night, or anytime throughout the day where the presence of the sun is not strong enough. These solar batteries could range from $5,000 – $7,000+, but it can vary depending on the materials it is made of, and how much power they can give as reported by

However, solar energy systems do not require much maintenance, with a national average of $400 for cleaning and inspecting, as reported by Moreover, another advantage you can be in the look out for, is the technology developments constantly present in the solar power industry. As more innovation is seen on quantum physics and nanotechnology we can definitely expect yearly improvements on the electrical imputs of the solar power systems. 

If you are thinking or exploring a way to lower your environmental impact, the use of solar panels is the best way to go. The sun will continue to provide more energy than we will ever need and the electricity created from this has no greenhouse emissions released into the atmosphere. Keep an eye out, investigate your options and fully study the benefits this change could give not only to your home but to your personal development. 

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