The last week of September marks the official start of the Fall Season, meaning it is time to get cozy and prepare for the cold winter that awaits us. 

What better way to start a new season than by reorganizing and redecorating our home! Let’s emplore some trendy ideas and tips to redecarote your home this fall… 

Season’s Change; so should your decor…

Chunky Knits Blankets

Knit blankets have become rather popular over the last couple of years, with people using them all year round, for their comfort and warmth.  These can sometimes cost a couple of hundreds, but if you do not feel like splurging, you can also try doing it yourself. Below you can find some DIY ideas and some links if you are looking to purchase the popular knit blanket

Do It Yourself – Knit Blankets




Chic Plaids + Leather Textures

These textures are highly characteristic of the fall season. By simply changing your pillow or cushion cases for plaid or leather covers you can truly change the essence of a room. If you are willing to be riskier, I would also suggest changing your window curtains to one with plaid. It will make the room look edgier without trying too hard. Below you can find some pictures for inspiration

Take Inspiration From Nature

Incorporate the use of flores and wood made decor. These types of items combined balance each other out, one for being soft and the other for being more strong. Think of a wood tray to decorate your table, along with candles and autumn-themed branches of flowers. Below you can find some pictures for inspiration

Layer Saturated Colors

Never be afraid of color. There is a color palette that suits each person’s taste, and in the case of autumn, do not be scare of some orange or maroons colored decor to brighten up the space. Even if it is with the simple use of flowers and pumpkins. Below you can find some pictures for inspiration.

Ad a Textured Rug 

Rugs are the perfect decor piece to warm the space and invite the cozy feel. Try playing with the textures of your rugs. More often try something rustic to use underneath your dining table,  as this is an area with high traffic, and try something softer in your living room. Below you can find some inspiration for different styles of fall-inspired rugs. 

For more inspiration check our Pinterest page… Fall/Autumn Decor

And for even more tips, take a read of Elle magazine’s Fall Inspired Decor Article.

“How beautiful the leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days”

John Burroughs