For this transaction, I had the pleasure of working with a long time friend. She and I had even worked together in the past, and truly have a great dynamic. My clients needed to sell their home because they were blessed with the opportunity of an amazing job in Latino America.

We all met in 2016 when I was their real estate agent for the purchase of this home. We were in the search for over a month before finding this gem. I remember it was no easy, because of the great condition of the property, there were many offers but we were prepared enough to battle them. For this, we had to escalate $25,000 over the asking price and it involved a lot of negotiating with the listing agent, to ultimately win the house.

I had no doubt this house would sell fast. As my clients had made several improvements and maintained the home in beautiful condition. If you take a look at the pictures, you would think we staged the place, but in reality, they simply have an amazing taste. 

When listing the property we had a lot of great feedback from the start. The home was well priced and beautifully prepared. One thing that we had to manage was to be extremely cautious with COVID. My clients were still living in the property at the time, and this was during the last week of June when the virus was very present and we were still adapting to the new way of life. 

For the showings, we provided masks, gloves, shoe covers, and hand sanitizer, and it was required for all people to use them at the time of the visit. The tours were scheduled and confirmed directly with the owners so that they could have enough time to prepare and leave the property during the time of the visits. There were no problems, and everything ran smoothly. 

The first weekend after the property was listed, we had an Open House, which was very successful. We welcomed more than 10 families, allowing only one to tour the property at the time and always providing all the materials to be extra cautious with the virus. 

Given the interest there was on the property from many prospect buyers, we scheduled an offer deadline for next week’s Wednesday, only 5 days after it was listed. On that day we received 3 competitive offers and were able to ratify for $10,000 over the asking price and with no inspection or appraisal contingency. Truly a dream of a transaction!

Everything ran smoothly and all parties were happy at the end. This was an incredible investment, given that as mentioned, for the purchase of the property they had to escalate over asking price, but still given the rise of the market in the area and the condition of the property, my clients were able to gain over $60,000 in equity.

Safe to safe my clients are very satisfy and personally I am extremely grateful to my friends for trusting me during this process. 

Scroll down for pictures and if you would like to see the property video and 3D Tour check out the listing’s webpage. 

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