As more and more people are aware of the need there is to protect and conserve the environment, new alternatives for home construction materials are being developed. Today we explore organic epoxy flooring, which is a super durable organic compound that is resin part polyamine hardener. Its goal is to protect the garage flooring, and it is mostly preferred by homeowners because of its affordability and good looking aesthetic. The outcome is bright and clean, and because of the many options in the market, you can be creative with the colors and texture to choose from. Its upkeep is relatively simple because its smooth surface is incredibly easy to clean.

There are different options with epoxy flooring and vary depending on their durability. The premium 100% solid epoxy is the most heavy-duty, it requires a meticulous and detailed installation, which is why it is preferably used for commercial or industrial flooring. For residential properties, however, high solids epoxy is recommended which starts at 100% solids, but by adding solvents the installation process gets easier. Because this material can be installed directly on concrete or other types of flooring its easy installation is therefore affordable. It surely costs way less than the normal flooring. 

Epoxy is the most eco-friendly alternative when it comes to garage flooring because of its low volatile organic compounds. VOCs are harmful gases emitted from materials of common household products. Believe or not your furniture, cleaning supplies, and even beauty products can emit gasses into your home, which pollutes the air, ultimately causing negative health effects. 

The most common material for garage flooring is concrete, whose major component is cement, a material that itself has its own environmental and social negative impact because of its complex manufacturing process. Also, because concrete flooring is hard to maintain and clean, the oil, gases, and gasoline that sit on it ultimately emit gasses that pollute the air. 

Another point worth mentioning is the 100% UV protection epoxy flooring has, which prevents the material from oxidizing. The negative side of oxidation is that, depending on the material, this can release harmful chemicals into the air also causing negative health effects in the long run.

If you are looking for a healthier alternative for your family’s health and a cleaner environment, epoxy is the ideal garage flooring. Give your garage a new life with an epoxy floor coating! Below you will find some recommendations of companies and contractors in the area that provide this service.

CONCRETE ETC – (301) 945-4210 – info@theconcrete-etc.comTheConcreteETC.COM

EPOXY VIRGINIA – (703) 348-2144 –

GARAGE OVATION – (855) 535-6675 –

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