This style combines elements of industrial, contemporary and minimalist designs. It is highly influenced by cosmopolitan style which fuses together contrasting design elements of edgy yet minimalist styles. Unlike industrial design, urban modern tends to be softer, adding a side of glamour and soft colors that create a comfortable and welcoming feel.

If these sound like characteristics that describe your personal style, considere the following tips to welcome this design style into your home.

Focus on the details

When thinking of the furniture style, focus on the details of simplistic pieces. Incorporate pieces with different structures and curved lines. Also, think of decor that is often overlooked, like window grapes for example. Do not be afraid to explore the idea of using fabric with prints and colors, always in a very elegant way to add a tailored finishing touch.

Include elements of different scale

Play with different scales when thinking of your light fixtures and furniture, also, combine simple lines with larger scale designs. For example, in areas with light colors and simple design lines, try incorporating a larger light fixture, mirror or art. This way your eye can catch different focus pieces and create variying impacts.

Avoid “Matchy” decorative pieces

Focus on having a color palette, which incorporates different shades in similar tones but avoid decorating with the same colors, try to keep it interesting. If you like blue colors, play with furniture in cool tones, such as grey, white, and beige. To keep the spaces bright, include plants with rich green tones and colorful art.

Set different tones

Because the urban design style combines such different elements, also play with this idea in your home. For the bedrooms and recreation areas, focus on textiles and decorative pieces with simpler textures, colors, and patterns For living rooms and dining room, pump up the glam, and do not be afraid to play with different tones of metal finishes and lux fabrics.

Use statement pieces

Urban design is the perfect style for art lovers. As mentioned before, try incorporating more lux details on the more sophisticated areas in your home. For example, hang a large art piece in the middle of your living room and a large chandelier in the dining room, even think of a larger scale full-body mirror for the foyer. There are plenty of options, the idea is to let the eye keep riding different points of focus, but all while keeping a comfortable vibe.

Do not be afraid to include a new design style in your home. Whether you just moved in, plan on remodeling, or simply crave a change in your home, you can play with the elements that characterized this design to create your own. Remember to have a focus on creating a comfortable atmosphere for you and your family.

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