2020 has been a year like no other. Initially, we welcomed the year with much love, and enthusiasm to also celebrate the beginning of a new decade. However, the global pandemic took us by surprise. During the months of quarantine, we were filled with fear and uncertainty about how and when we would return to our normal daily lives. 9 months have now passed and we have learned to live with this new reality.

Personally, I decided to take advantage of those early days at home to strengthen my business, preparing for what, according to experts in the real estate field, would be a strong summer for the market, and it was. When the regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 began to be lifted, I received a ton of calls from new clients who wanted to work with me. Personally, it has been a very prolific year that has set a record of transactions. And for that I am very grateful!

I am grateful to my past clients, who remain loyal after working together and recommend my services to their friends and family. I also thank my new clients for the year 2020, who made my work an enjoyable daily task. I am happy to have been able to bring smiles to many families and a new beginning in what is now their new home. And of course, I thank my entire team for their great effort in this intense year.

I hope you enjoy the new year. And may this year be better, especially collectively. May we all have health, work, purpose, and may we not lack happiness in our home.

Much love,


Pictures of some of the properties sold this year…