Explore these new interior design trends to welcome the year with a refresh and reinvent home


This style is the kind of look needs layering, so choose pieces over time that means something to you. Suppose you want to repurposed or salvaged retro pieces. In that case, the key is to reference the look rather than slavishly reproduce it, using intense colors, favorite pieces, and a less-is-more approach for a vibrant, cohesive aesthetic. Do your research with local vintage stores, visit the goodwill store, and do not hesitate even to check Facebook Market or eBay, where you can find fantastic pieces for a bargain. 


The luxurious color to decorate your walls this new year relates to the earth’s natural colors. Colors like rust grays, dark greens, deep reds, and muddy browns are comforting and welcoming. Moreover, warm browns, camel, greens, sienna, and umber, soft grays, and tans blend together to form a harmonious and welcoming interior in your home.


This style takes inspiration from the 18th and 19th centuries, incorporating classic art, antiques, and history pieces. It brings a sense of harmony and order to any living space. For such, outsource furniture pieces with soft textiles, incorporate traditional decorative elements such as large art, structured light-fixtures, and plenty of patterned decorative carpets.


Indoor plants initially disappeared in the early 1990s, it has now come back, and with plenty of decorative options, you can explore with a simple research on Pinterest. Although many might prefer indoor plants for their decorative purpose, research has proved to have therapeutic benefits, such as reducing stress, improving productivity, and improving indoor air quality. 


If you plan on redecorating your kitchen or bathroom in the near future, make sure to educate yourself on the different types of tiles available and their functionality. Teeny-tiny tiles are close to impossible-to-clean, while larger-scale tiles with thicker grout lines will not only help your bathroom look more extensive and luxurious but it will also facilitate its clean. 

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