My Commitment to You

  • I usually offer my clients an initial meeting where we can discuss their wants and needs, and to clarify and set expectations about the home-selling process. I will invite you to ask me about any questions you may have.
  • I will put forth my responsiveness and care from the day we meet until the closing day. I will always be available for you, by following up closely during the whole process.
  • I will provide my resources and expertise for the pricing, marketing, staging, and listing of your house. The goal is to sell the property at the best price, as fast as possible.

1. Pricing 

How you price your home will directly impact how many buyers, showings, and offers you will attract, and ultimately how long it will take to sell.

I will prepare and share a complete Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), which includes comparable homes that recently sold in the neighborhood.

I will assess your property’s location, size, conditions, and features and I will consider the current market and area trends in the analysis. These are important variables to determine your home’s optimal selling price.

2. Marketing

I will create a customized winning marketing plan for your house. This includes the best tools to maximize your house’s exposure.

I will provide the highest quality professional photographer to showcase your listing on hundreds of websites, as well as print media.

I will design a customized website for your house, with a property’s video tour, photo gallery, full editorial, walk scores, neighborhood videos, and more.

I will use social media to connect your property to potential buyers, as well as our community of real estate professionals.

We will receive feedback about showings directly from buyer agents. This will allow us to consider adjustments based on buyer agents and their clients’ suggestions.

3. Home Improving and Staging

I will give you my set of recommendations and tips to make your home more attractive, including remodeling and updates. I will make a close follow up with contractors when needed.

If we agree to, I will stage your house to make it look stunning, maximizing the spaces, sunlight, and the home’s full potential.

4. Going to the Market

Once your property is on the market, our goal is to maximize the house viewing opportunities and attract as many potential buyers as possible. I will put a sign on your house’s yard and coordinate showing appointments through multiple channels to make it easy to visit your house. This system will guarantee your house and agents’ security at all times. Lastly, I will host Open Houses to increase the house’s exposure and attract additional potential buyers.

5. Negotiation and Contract Process Follow Up

  • I will present the offers to you promptly and negotiate the best option under your command.
  • I will monitor the whole process through the closing, ensuring that deadlines and milestones are met.